RDL form control: xxfitness

Hey guys! Last week I posted a form check with dumbbells and took the advice I got and tried to implement it. I didn’t have any lower back problems this time which is a win but I want to make sure this set looks better. This is the best video I have, I hope you all have seen enough. Unfortunately I don’t have anyone to shoot my videos with so this is just set up against a wall haha. I’m still a beginner so any feedback is welcome! My main concern is do I bend my knees enough as my dad says I should bend my knees more but not lift for 20 years?


What I’m trying to do is: keep shoulders back, core engaged, butt push back like I’m closing a door (I feel like this really helps my hinge), bend the knees when I start the hinge (it’s harder for me and idk Why!)

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