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DIESEL Vegan It is a 100% whole food, plant-based blend of the first all-vegan protein with 5 unique proteins and human-compatible amino acid levels that are within 13% of the levels specified by the World Health Organization (WHO). Most people think vegan protein is the same as whey, but that’s not true! Most of the time, they are unfortunately deficient in the appropriate ratio of most of the critical aminos. DIESEL Vegan is calibrated to deliver 23 grams of pure protein with over 2 grams of the #1 growth and recovery amino – Leucine! If you thought that only non-vegan proteins could provide aminos like this, think again!

No Chalk Guarantee!

Yesterday’s vegan proteins were tolerated by some because they had to. Now, DIESEL Vegan offers you the taste and texture that will make you truly ENJOY your protein. It has a smooth texture and is absolutely delicious! PERFECT Sports The research and development department, along with the rest of the PERFECT Sports team, formulated, sampled and tested each option, to ensure that each flavor of DIESEL Vegan is smooth and enjoyable without leaving a gram of chalky mouthfeel. If you’ve given up on vegan protein due to the feeling of falling, you’ve found your match at DIESEL Vegan! Guaranteed!

ModCarb® Real Fuel from Real Food

DIESEL Vegan You have goals in mind! PERFECT Sports adds ModCarb®is an expertly crafted blend of 6 organic ancient grains with more than 20% protein to control appetite and truly boost this Vegan protein. This is no ordinary pea protein shake; This blend is loaded with Organic Oat Bran, Amaranth, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Millet, and Chia. ModCarb was just the beginning – PERFECT Sports added Pumpkin Seed protein and Sprouted Brown Rice to seal the deal. Stacking is key to getting all your aminos, and this Vegan protein STACKS!

leftSlim® For Recovery and Weight Management

SolaThin’s natural power® (ultra-pure 90% protein from potatoes) was an absolute must in this formula! Research participants lost an average of 1.5 pounds of fat in 21 days, which is 22% more fat loss than the control group! Who doesn’t want to lose a little extra weight, right? It’s simple, muscle tissue metabolizes fat – more protein means faster muscle repair, leaner and average physique! PERFECT Fitness didn’t just stop at a protein that fits the bill, they’ve added more so you can reach your goals faster!

Flexitarians Finally Have The Right Option!

If you’ve ever thought about adding a plant-based protein to your diet but were afraid of it, PERFECT Sports moments! This is plant-based protein made for you. Smooth texture, delicious taste and great in performance! DIESEL Vegan It’s the perfect way to add plant-based foods to your diet without missing a beat. Whether you’re vegan, paleo, keto or flexitarian, DIESEL Vegan is for you!

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