Have you ever had a breast orgasm?

Being in the human body is so much fun. Someone who can enjoy, connect and, of course, orgasm. Your sex life is a place to explore and try new things. Most people think that female bodies can only orgasm with vulvar or vaginal stimulation – we’re here to prove otherwise. While the scientific jury is still undecided on the matter, many people have reported experiencing different types of orgasms. what they feel inside clitoris, G point, cervix, cervix, anus and even – breasts. Chest orgasm? You heard us. Some people claim that they can orgasm with just breast stimulation. If one orgasm frenzy or if you want to experiment with your sex life, it may be time to explore the world of breast orgasms. How exciting! Orgasms from different parts of the body may feel different. People who experience nipple or breast orgasms often describe them as hitting like powerful waves, approaching slowly, and then becoming explosive.

Exploring the Breast Orgasm

People who experience a breast orgasm typically do so by stimulating the nipple. Your nipples, like the clitoris and vagina, are also the main erogenous zones that trigger sexual pleasure. Just like your genitals, your nipples are filled with nerve endings – the same kind of nerve endings that help you experience a clitoral orgasm. When these nerve endings are activated, they send messages to the genital sensory cortex that it is time to wake up. scientists Through MRIs, they found that clitoral and nipple stimulation actually stimulated the same location in the brain. Of course it’s all connected! If your nipples are sensitive, you’ve probably experienced getting aroused by rubbing, sucking, twisting, or tickling whatever you feel like. What if you took that to the next level and hit the big-O with solo nipple play? Adjust your mood as you would before engaging in other sexual activities. Whatever that means for you and your partner – taking a bath (maybe together), dimming the lights, getting a massage, dirty talk, whatever is floating in your boat. Let yourself go, stimulate your mind by daydreaming, watching or listening to porn.

Some sex experts believe you can train your brain for orgasm by stimulating different parts of your body. For example, you stimulate yourself in the normal way that you will have an orgasm, such as through your clitoris. At the same time, you will also stimulate your breasts. Just before you have an orgasm, you stop stimulating your clit but continue with your boobs. Their theory is that over time you can train yourself to orgasm from different parts of your body with this method.

It may not feel good for everyone, but you can even try using toys on your breasts and nipples as vibrators. Some brands make toys specifically for nipple stimulation. Toys can help you with a body oil or oil to help things slide and slide. You can even try the ice to warm things up with an exciting new feeling. Move slowly and focus on your breathing. The more you can touch your breath, the deeper feelings you can feel. Try different techniques and sensations. Massage and tighten your breasts, drawing lines over your areolas. In the case of a partner, ask them to try, gnaw, suck and bite their mouth and tongue. When you feel overstimulated, you can increase the speed and sensation in your real nipples, or even squeeze them. It may be easier to have a breast orgasm during your period or even during pregnancy when your nipples tend to be more swollen and extra sensitive. Just be gentle!

Highlight Your Best Chest

As with many new sexual spheres, sometimes it may be better to explore nipple orgasms on your own during solo sex before involving a partner. That way you can tell them exactly what you like and how they can take you to the extreme. It’s not just people with female bodies who have a chest orgasm. People born with bodies and penises may also discover nipple stimulation and even experience breast orgasm. While it’s fun to explore different tastes and sensations, remember to take the pressure off yourself. Your sex life isn’t the place for perfectionism, it’s the place to connect and feel great in your body.

Try exploring breast stimulation without rushing or aiming. shift focus away from orgasmsand just be in the wonderful sensations you are experiencing in your body. Experiencing a nipple orgasm can take time, especially if it’s new to you. Give yourself twenty to thirty minutes of exploration. No hurry. Take your time, be kind (or not), enjoy and have fun with it!

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