Request an overview of my fitness plan pre-made trainer session

Hi — I’ve been paying for a gym I haven’t been to in a few months, and it’s starting to make me really sick to my stomach. I was on a good track before I moved to this neighborhood, but Hayat did all that.

Previously, I was in a 24-hour gym that was not high-end but also not busy, so I had the chance to explore and self-train in lifting weights without too much interference. This gym is much more active and it scares me a little bit not that much because I’m so scared of being seen because I hate having to go to find something.

I still believe I have one free entry workout and would like to use it to create my practice area layout. This is my current 3 day dumbbell planand I really want to set it former Talking to the instructor so I can free them from the idea that I have to pay for anything in the future.

Please everyone refrain from using the file, change, whatever. It is custom-edited in Scrivener so it can be printed as a PDF with a list of routines per day and a diagram per page. I print and use as booklet.

If anyone has any suggestions about this routine, I’d love to hear it. I made some changes before:

– Step Ups with Dumbbell Squats due to balance issues

– Back Extensions for Good Morning,

– Replacing Walking Lungs for Leg Presses (I’m doing a fence, lunging is totally unnecessary) but I’ve never used this machine before so again I’m open to any suggestions.


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