Hello, can I please get some advice about my squat form? : xxfitness

Two things I would focus on —

You don’t hit parallel. You want your hip crease to be at or below your knee level – there’s both a diagram and a photo.

This article that makes it look good. There may be a mobility issue that needs to be worked on, or you may be mobile enough to be parallel when you focus on it.

It also doesn’t seem to be refreshing, which is something you’ll want to be comfortable with as the weights get heavier.

i am a fan this very comprehensive article on how to squat. (I usually skip the physics, anatomy, and biomechanics section when I read it.) This chapter includes sections on how to work on mobility issues like squats and squats – but overall I really recommend reading it! I found it really helpful for changing a few things about my squat form.

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