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by Shoshana Pritzker

The hips give us a pillow when we sit down and make a statement as we walk away. And whether you need to beef up or strengthen your booty, David Kirsch, celebrity trainer and bestselling author butt bookHe is a man who knows how to do the job.

“I think the ass has always been something women wanted to have,” Kirsch said. “You know, it’s round and tight and sassy. Whether it’s a Jennifer Lopez type of butt or just a little bit smaller, you have to make sure it’s not loose. I think fashion determines what’s trendy on some level. If you’re wearing something with short sleeves, you have to worry about your arms; it’s more body-hugging. “If you’re wearing anything, you have to worry about your midsection; if you’re going to wear short shorts, miniskirts, and low-cut swimsuits, you have to worry about your butt – so those are the interpretations of what’s going to happen. But from my point of view, when I’m training the women I train, the butt stands out very prominently for me.”

Working Your Hips

Training your glutes relies heavily on a focus on tried-and-true resistance training, as well as high-intensity cardio sessions that require plyometric movements.

“It’s a very natural thing for me. I think cardio plays a big part of my workout. It’s not cardio on a machine, it’s exercises that will get your heart rate up, metabolize calories, and burn fat,” says David. Regardless, I’ll always include some type of lower body move. It can be wide-stance squats, lunges, jack jumps, a form of deadlift that focuses on the hamstrings and butt, but any of the signature moves I have, the platypus walk, etc. will get your heart rate up.”

David, who has trained elite supermodels and celebrities, uses a style of circuit training to get his heart rate up, shed fat, and build solid glutes. “Weight training and bodyweight moves are definitely included in shaping, toning and shaping the perfect butt. I mean, they’re muscle. Muscles need to be engaged. I do my exercises as a circuit, mini boot camp. Do one workout after another and you’re keeping your heart rate high, using, say, 10 to 15 pounds, depending on your fitness level — not an excessive amount of weight. To me, it’s more about high reps and doing moves that don’t build a lot of muscle or bulk, but that tone and sculpt.”

The hips require as much attention as any other part of the body. If you’re in a hurry to get fit, David recommends doing some form of high-intensity, glute-focused cardio exercise five to six days a week. “It depends on what level of fitness you are, your age, your goal; You know, I’m working with a few celebrities right now who are getting ready for a photo shoot or to be on set, and they’re with me every day, five days a week, and they have homework on the weekends. But they normally come three to four days a week to train with me.”

“The idea behind butt book I wanted to make education very accessible. So all moves butt book at home, office, outdoors, on vacation, etc. can be done. You don’t need to be in the gym, you don’t need any exercise equipment – ​​maybe you use your body weight, maybe you use a stability ball, ankle weight, medicine ball – that’s all you need. The point is, it’s a no-excuse tool to get in shape.”

Famous Homework Killer Workout

Warm up on the treadmill at 10% incline and at 3 mph for 15 minutes

Perform the circuit below 3 times with 60-90 seconds rest between rounds. Perform 20 repetitions for each exercise.

– Sumo Lungs

– Platypus Walks

– Reverse Lungs with High Kicks

– Reverse Crossover Lungs

– Single Leg Deadlifts with 5kg Dumbbells

– Change Lungs or Jumping Lungs

*All of these exercises can be found at: David Kirsch’s Butt Book

“These exercises will work your butt in particular. What makes my training so special is that it focuses on different parts of the butt – top, bottom, mid, outer – not just a butt. If you have a pear-shaped butt, we want to make sure the pear doesn’t fall out. You want to do things that make it even higher. Thus, it shapes, tones and shapes the butt. If your inner thighs are nice and tight and your outer thighs are nice and tight and your butt is nice and sassy – wow, great.”

Foot placement is very important when sculpting a big butt, “always anchored in your heel when squatting. If you need to develop your glutes, a wider stance is essential. And if you don’t want to do that, it’s better to just get tight, maybe keep the stance a little less wide,” says David.

If you weren’t born with great glutes, you can continue to build on what you have. “We may not be able to get you a JLO or Beyoncé booty, but you can still get a satisfying shape and size,” says David. “Really focus on every move, feel it in your ass – if you don’t feel it in your ass, you need to get your form straight before continuing – so this is the best advice I can give.”

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