Deadlift form check!? You also need breathing technique advice! :

The lack of my gym friends brought me here hello 🙂 I’ve been doing deadlift for 2 months, traditional. This was my last set, 5 reps 50kg (112.5 lbs). Trying to bring my ribs in and engage the core, I bend, breathe and harden, pull, hold a little (looking at my struggling face in the mirror), lower the bar until it touches the floor, exhale from the bottom, finally inhale and harden everything before I pull again. So all the breaths are at the bottom. However, I still see and feel a slight rounding in the rear. What do you think about that?

Also, what are your breathing techniques? I read online that people exhale at the top. Is it better? I find myself losing my tension while still trying to focus on the eccentricity (I don’t want to drop the weights too fast).

Feedback is highly appreciated!

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