Opinion/form question (deadlift setup): xxfitness

When starting a deadlift, is it better to keep your back straight in a deadlift or more parallel to the floor?

Here is an example of both; The first picture is upright like a high bar squat and the second is almost parallel to the bar.


Things I noticed in the first position: I get more hip/leg drive. I can carry less weight but it’s pretty sticky and quad. I can hardly carry that much weight

On the second: For some reason I feel this mostly in my lats and hamstrings. My back/lifters get tired a ton but I can carry much more weight. I seem more prone to injury in this position, but I push myself as I find it easier to carry more weight.

My boyfriend taught me the “chest-up” sign that always results in the first look, but I’m beginning to question whether it’s better for my anatomy or the latter. Any input? I’ve seen people both ways so I don’t think either is wrong

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