Boosting Your Confidence for Better Sex

Sex turns the world. Literally. It also makes your inner world go round, upside down and right side up. So tie it up. In all seriousness, your sex life is one of the most important ways to experience pleasure, connection and fulfillment in your life. But it’s not always that easy. There are many things that can affect your sex life and how you relate to your sexuality. One of the biggest factors is how you feel about yourself. Your inner processes, dialogues, and feelings for yourself come to the surface when you begin to become intimate with someone or yourself. All of these feed your self-confidence. This in turn nourishes your sex life and how satisfying it is.

How Confidence Affects Sex

It may seem obvious, but sometimes we need to dig a little below the surface to reveal what’s underneath. Especially when it comes to sex and sexuality. So how does self-confidence affect your sex life? There are many ways, but here are some of the biggest that come to mind… When you are not confident in yourself, you may find that you turn a little off. You may not be able to say what is on your mind, you cannot express your needs and wishes, express what you want in bed.

There may be a part of you that is afraid of being rejected, judged, or shot. When you have low self-confidence, you may not only have trouble voicing what you want, but you may not be fully in touch with what makes you feel good. Thus, you experience the motions of your sex life without knowing how to change or change things. Sometimes we don’t even realize we haven’t fully emerged. Confidence can be one of those things you don’t realize is missing until you build it. Then you start to notice the small and big ways you hide and how it affects your sex life.

It’s not just about communicating and hiding your feelings, sometimes low self-esteem can make you want to physically hide. This may prevent you from trying new positions, bends or other things during sex. You may not be able to free yourself the way you want. Sex and self-esteem go hand in hand. Increased self-confidence can lead to better sex, but on the other hand – satisfying sex can increase your self-confidence!

What Matters Inside

It may be cliché, but what matters is what’s inside of you than what’s outside. Confidence is not a matter of changing your body, hair removal or makeup. It is a state of deep self-respect and love that can only be truly deepened by inner work. While you may feel a little better after washing your lashes or washing your hair, self-confidence is a reflection of your mental health and how you feel about yourself in general.

Boosting Your Confidence for Better Sex

Do you feel an itch under your skin to become a more authentic, harmonious and confident version of yourself? It’s not just you. We have some tips you can use to boost your confidence for better sex and a better life.

Physical movement: Moving your body releases endorphins and other happy hormones it energizes you and helps you feel relaxed in your body and mind.

Logging: Writing down the things that create traffic jams in your brain helps you make room for new things to come. When you keep a journal, you can reflect on any thought patterns that might be negative towards yourself and help reframe them.

Masturbation: love yourself It is one of the best ways to reconnect with yourself and your needs before having sex with your partner. It can be overflowing with hormones that help you feel better and remind you how much joy you can bring to your life.

Community: Having positive relationships is key to feeling good about yourself. It’s not just romantic ones, either. Your relationship with your friends, family, pets, and plants helps reflect back to you how wonderful you are. It doesn’t take much, even just a few trusted friends can help you remember how to be vulnerable and communicate.

Therapy: Sometimes we need outside support. If there are things in your life where you need an objective perspective or to help you learn new coping mechanisms, it may be a good idea to seek out a mental health professional.

Everyone flows and flows. There are times when our trust is compromised, it doesn’t make you a failure, it makes you human. Sometimes it’s okay to feel bad or not like your best self. The best thing you can do is pass it on to your partner. This vulnerability in itself can give you a boost and help you feel a little better. You are beautiful inside and out, remember that!

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