Please check the squat form! : xxfitness

hi everyone, i started lifting weights for the first time a few months ago and i still have doubts about my squat form so i would love advice from anyone who is willing to help. That’s 10 repetitions of 75 lbs.

I became overly focused on depth and revitalization to the point where I thought I was neglecting the setup. I was thinking of doing a high bar squat but when I watch this video again, it almost looks like a low bar? I noticed that my wrists were in a very elongated position that I had never thought of. is this a problem? I think it may be due to my bad posture, my back is quite rounded forward and I have a hard time collecting my wings and sending my elbows back. Any tips or something about this would be greatly appreciated 🙂

I learned a lot from this sub and I really appreciate the knowledge you leave every day!


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