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There was a question I’ve been thinking about for about a week.

How to Deadlift for Hypertrophy? Many people say that Conventional Deadlifts are not for Hypertrophy. I’m not convinced as I heard Dr Mike Isratel Babble over and over about how ‘Deadlifts’ slap weight and weight muscles on your back. I’m currently running a Push-Legs-Pull split and can’t figure it out how to program Conventional Deadlift (or whatever deadlift variation is best suited for) back hypertrophy) got into my routine. I would love to hear about RSM and SFR. To do or not to do in Bulk vs Cut. Repetition Intervals, proper technique, number of sets, fatigue management, variations, splits, etc.

I’m just waiting to hear from you on this subject. It will be very helpful to me and many more.

Thank you 🙂

TLDR; should I Deadlift for Back Hypertrophy or not? If yes, How should I do?

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