Muscle building during anti-androgenic birth control (eg Yasmin,

Hello friends, has any of you had or have had anti-androgenic birth control and tried to reshape their body with strength and resistance training?

I am currently taking Natazia (Qlaira in Europe) which contains estrogen and a progestin called Dienogest which has important anti-androgenic properties. I’ve struggled with acne, hair growth, painful periods, and high LDL cholesterol most of my life (and spent a lot of money on laser hair removal!), so I’ve taken this pill to combat these issues and agree with me for the past 6 months. I probably have undiagnosed PCOS, but I was never examined because I always had regular periods and my weight was below average (I hadn’t heard of “lean PCOS” until recently).

Testosterone and androgen derivatives are clearly critical for building muscle. Estrogen is also helpful: here’s a work About postmenopausal women, muscle and bone loss, and HRT, but this is just one study and there are risks associated with HRT.

But yes, any of you are Yasmin, Yaz, Natazia, Diane-35, Zoely etc. Has anyone been able to still achieve significant muscle and strength gains using anti-androgenic birth control pills such as I’ve been doing heavy lifting (140lb resistance hip thrusts, weighted back squats, oyster shells with multiple resistance bands) for about 2 weeks, so it’s too soon to see any results, but I don’t feel like my strength has decreased that much. I should have less testosterone, but no.

This work – Antiandrogens in hormonal contraception limit muscle strength gain in strength training: a comparison study – indicates the answer is “yes”, antiandrogenic birth control limits muscle gains, but I was hoping to hear real life experiences from people.

If this pill does that, then I’ll have to accept it, because I don’t want to deal with all the problems I’ve dealt with before (plus, contraception!).

Thank you very much, be healthy and happy.

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