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I’ve been lifting weights randomly for many years, but I didn’t follow a program until about a year ago. When COVID returned in 2020, my gym closed and I canceled my YMCA membership. My husband and I bought a Peloton, so I’ve only done cardio for about 9 months – give or take. When we were ready to go back to a gym to lift weights, we joined a gym with our best friends (best decision ever, everyone needs a lifting team). My best friend suggested GZCLP as a good starting point as I was a bit rusty on uninstalling and had never watched a program before. After two rounds of GZCLP, I fell in love with powerlifting! I wasn’t putting out crazy numbers, but I liked pushing my limits. There was something so empowering about heavy lifting and I was addicted.


I signed up for my first date around April or May to do something to get me out of my comfort zone. Going into this meeting I had zero expectations other than having fun and learning more about sports. I started running a third cycle of GZCLP but admittedly I made it a little too hard. I’ve been really assertive about my T3 accessories – hey! After running this third cycle for a few weeks, COVID finally caught up with me and I didn’t go my best with it. While I was recovering, a powerlifting coach reached out to me (because I was on his waiting list) and we discussed what one-on-one coaching would look like. I signed up with him and it was easily the best decision I could have made. I started programming in mid-May and it has helped me tremendously with form corrections and overcoming mental hurdles. I initially questioned spending the money on a coach, but within a few months I learned a lot with him. I’m not the best at self-motivation, so having someone hold me accountable was a huge push that I desperately needed. As for her coaching me, my 1RM for the bench, squat, and deadlift was 95 pounds, 195 pounds, and 215 pounds. My 1RM is now 115lbs, 209lbs and 264lbs.


I’ve been tracking macros for about two years, so I’ve been hovering around my maintenance calories throughout the entire prep. I didn’t want to attempt a cut for my first date, so I chose to stay in the 82.5kg weight class. However, as I head into my next get-together in November, I’m hoping to cut 10lbs to get down to a weight class. Since I had three months, my coach felt it was a goal I could easily reach by then without cutting my strength/performance. For this cut, I’ll do high-calorie days for weight-lifting days and low-calorie days for non-weight-lifting days. I’ll also add a few Peloton classes each week into the mix for some cardio.

Dating Day

God, I was so nervous, but also so excited. one of my favorite people on this planet u/broccyncheese he met me and it really changed everything. We’ve been to the gym together where we put on our shirts, run commands, etc. We did a short meeting day. The meeting day itself was a whirlwind. It was very well run, everything was super smooth, and the judges were very kind when I asked what I had missed on an attempt. My husband was my babysitter that day and helped me stay calm but still got angry. My best friend was there with a family. It was really a type of core memory. I had a lot of fun, did something outside of my comfort zone and had my favorite people/strong staff by my side. I really can’t imagine going on another date without a friend racing by my side. It was my favorite thing!

Squat Attempts: 82.5kg – 3 white lights, 90kg – 3 red lights due to jumping from my rack command, 95kg – 2 white lights (locked my knees after squat command). 95kg was a small PR so it was great!

Bench Trials: 45kg – 3 white lights, 50kg – 3 white lights, 55kg – absolutely failed. My third try and my coach told me to gain 52.5lbs as my lesson learned to listen to him the next time!

Deadlift Trials: 102.5kg – 3 white lights, 110kg – 3 white lights, 120kg – 3 white lights. 120kg was a big PR for me so I rode that high for the rest of the weekend haha.

Thoughts and forward-looking

Yesterday I started meeting my coach for the 2nd prep round! I’m so excited to be back in training. Since I’ve always squatted on the high bar, it makes me work on the low bar squat. Working with him since May has been a very positive experience so I’m really excited to see what this second date preparation looks like! I learned a lot this weekend, had a great time and can’t wait to do it all again soon.

I’m a Reddit newbie so I hope this works, but here is a link to an Instagram reel I’ve had a few tries since Saturday. Thank you for reading!

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