Being ‘thick’: I’ve lost weight recently and I’m happy with how I am

I used to be overweight, but thanks to CICO and HIIT, I lost weight. Specifically, I feel my waist is more defined and I’m happy with the fit of my clothes, but I’ve lost mass in my butt and breasts. I really love Sandy waist definition and look at fat; This is my aim.

I often see many social media posts my age (late 20s) and comments about what the ideal is to be ‘thick’. Although I don’t look sultry, I’m happy with my weight loss and waistline. i don’t look like ThisI’ll probably never look like this, and that’s okay.

All that said, is it possible to reconcile the two? I could define some butt and gain strength in my arms but now I don’t like feeling bad for being small. I used to get comments about how big I was and now I get comments about how thin I look or how I can’t lift anything.

I don’t want to go back to having big differences in my body measurements and having trouble finding pants that fit my hips and hips.

If more details help,

  • I do Sydney Cummings HIIT workouts every day or alternate my days with pilates workouts.

  • My meals consist of breakfast (1 egg white and tomato on a slice of toast), lunch (salad with some lean protein) and dinner (‘regular’ food like lasagna or Thai/Indian/Malaysian curry and rice but only smaller portions) and my plate is 1/4 protein, 1/4 carbs and 1/2 veggie). Sometimes I have a cup of tea and a cookie or two in the afternoon. I feel full throughout the day and enjoy all my meals.

tl’dr – I don’t look like women r/thick fit and that’s not my point. Is this such a big issue and how can I get past the comments that I’m too small? Is there a workout you recommend? Thank you!

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