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FEEL BETTER: Our melatonin sleep aid formula naturally encourages your body and mind to feel more relaxed. Magnesium is an essential mineral that supports nerve and muscle cell function as well as metabolic reactions in your body. Magnesium and zinc work together with the melatonin to provide more health benefits than just sleeping.
BRAIN POWER: Melatonin is a major antioxidant within the brain and nervous system. Oxidant stress is a destructive force on brain cells, which means the antioxidant powers help preserve brain health. Our Melatonin Extra Strength Pills contain a 60mg dose of melatonin that helps to protect brain cells more than any other antioxidant supplement.
SLOW AGING: Antioxidants benefit more than just brain health. They can work to improve immune health and slow down the aging process. Oxidant stress and inflammation are two of the major causes of aging. Melatonin Plus works to slow aging by suppressing bad enzymes and stimulation of protein complexes.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: At CareFast we pride ourselves on safe, healthy, and effective products. We offer a complete 30-day guarantee if our products don’t meet your satisfaction. We offer hassle-free returns on every one of our product lines.


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