FTLTOP Makeup Brush Cleaner



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How to use:
1. Fill some water; apply brush detergent or soap, baby shampoo into the bowl.
2. Find the suitable collar and insert the brush into the cleaner.
3. Dip and dunk the brush in the liquid for 10s-30s.
4. Turn on the spinner, spin the brush to clean.
5. Then fill some clear water and clean again.
6. Spin the brush to dry it about 10s-30s.

◆The makeup brush cleaner machine is powered by 2*AAA battery(battery NOT included in the package).
◆If the brush is not inserted into the spindle, don’t open the power, so as not to damage the motor.
◆Make sure batteries is full power and the brush is fixed before use.
◆During use, the buzzing sound occurs since the motor in operation, it is a normal phenomenon.
◆No brushes included in the package

Package Mainly Included:
1 x Main Device
1 x Brush Spinner
1 x Bowl
8 x Rubber Collars
1 x Collar Stand
1 x User Manual


【BEAUTY SECRET FOR FLAWLESS SKIN 】Dermatologists recommend you deeply clean your brushes with a makeup brush cleaning tool every 2 weeks. Using dirty cosmetic brushes with dirty ,oil, old foundation makeup and dust for makeup can cause a lot of skin problem. Cleaning your cosmetic brushes regularly will help your skin look healthy.
【PREMIUM MATERIAL&FIT YOUR BRUSH】 This brush cleaner kit comes with 8 different sizes of flexible rubber holders, suitable for 95% makeup brushes in the market. which means you can clean many brush sets with this automatic brush cleaner. Clean and dry automatic brush cleaner includes an ergonomic electric switch for easy intuitive operation. All parts of the kit are precision crafted for tight, leak proof fit. The bowl is made of hygienic plastic and will not break if dropped.
【EASY TO USE&SAVE YOUR TIME】 Built in a super powerful motor, 12000-13000rpm high rotate speed, help clean and dry makeup brushes deeply and quickly. Diving, spinning, rinsing, spinning, by the automatic makeup brush cleaner, you can perfectly clean and dry brushes in seconds. This will make makeup application much faster and more pleasing. Don’t be surprised if you have a little extra time for another cup of coffee before heading to work.
【CARE YOUR BRUSHES】Manual cleaning will always cost a lot of time ,and it will destory the fibers of the brush , affecting the effect of your makeup application ,While The Electric Makeup brush cleaner will not damage your brushes. Proper cleaning will extend the life of the brushes by keeping them clean, without changing the shape of your makeup brushes,make your brush soft and durable. The make-up brush cleaner is powered by 2 AAA batteries (NOT included).


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