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Built on Quality and Trust

What started in our garage as a product created and handmade by a couple of women, has exploded into a popular Brand that is worn all over the world! When we first patented the PONY-O, we worked for several years on our design, trying it on thousands of women with different hair types to make sure it was a high quality hair accessory that met the standards of our mission statement: easy to use, comfortable to wear, secure and non-damaging in every hair type.

Our women-owned and operated company takes pride in our quality product. Every PONY-O goes through Quality Control 3 to 4 times before it leaves our warehouse in Colorado. We use feedback from our customers to make our products even more awesome.

Our service team is made up of real people who are PONY-O pros and really do care about you and the health of your hair! Your satisfaction is important to us, and we’re here to help, whatever your needs may be.

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The PONY-O: More Than a Ponytail Holder

The PONY-O is a revolutionary ponytail holder that will change the look and health of your hair. Our unique, patented accessories are created to be comfortable, secure and non-damaging in every hair type! And did we mention they last hundreds of uses? Better for the planet, better for your wallet, better for your hair. Say goodbye to boring, droopy ponytails and bad hair days. Say hello to happy, healthy, voluminous hair and make every day a good hair day with PONY-O!

When you purchase a PONY-O, not only are you getting the best ponytail on the planet, but you also get tons of easy-to-follow video instructions that we create specifically for the PONY-O Brand. We have hairstyles for fine hair, thick hair, long, curly, short…no matter your length or texture, there’s a style you’re sure to love.

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Easy Hairstyles

You can work, play and sleep in PONY-O. Not only do we create awesome hair accessories, but we create our own styling videos specifically for the PONY-O! You don’t have to search the web for ideas; you’ll have access to tons of easy styles at your fingertips. Every occasion, every hair type without using damaging elastics and bobby pins!! Join the millions of women worldwide who’ve made the switch!


Since the PONY-O actually holds your hair, it feels weightless like nothing is there. Tension on the follicle, hair headaches, damaged hair and sore scalps will be a thing of the past! And when your hair tie feels this good, you don’t need to wear it on your wrist. Happy, healthy hair is the new normal.

Secure Hold, No Bull!

Our patented, copper core is soft enough to bend and shape to fit YOUR hair thickness and texture for a secure, all-day hold, yet is strong enough to last hundreds of uses. The soft, pillowy cushions on the inside of the PONY-O cradle your hair comfortably without creasing it. No more slipping and sagging ponytails. Fine hair looks thicker, thick hair stays in place. “Feels like nothing in your hair.”

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Easy to Use & Non-Damaging

Feed your hair through the PONY-O once and shape each end with your thumbs. As simple as that! It’s completely different from feeding your hair back and forth through an elastic band. That action, whether you’re using an elastic, telephone cord or a scrunchie, creates constriction and friction which causes hair damage and breakage. When your day is over, open the PONY-O back into its circle shape and it slides out easily without damaging or creasing your hair.

We have a solid copper core and the cheap copies coming out of China have an aluminum core that breaks within 16 to 20 bends as well as have an inferior silicone coating which is often split when you receive the product exposing the aluminum inside. The PONY-O core lasts 200 to 400 uses and the silicone coating is inspected 4 times before it’s sent to the consumer.


Patented worldwide. Designed in the USA.

On the surface, there doesn’t appear to be much difference between the PONY-O and the copies from China. But if you dive in a little deeper, like we did, you’ll see the difference right away.

The imitations use a hard aluminum piece in place of our patented malleable copper core. Copper stays soft no matter how many times you bend it; aluminum gets harder with every use, which makes it harder to shape and faster to break!

We all know that you get what you pay for, and in the end, PONY-O costs you a lot less! (PONY-O = 0.02 per wear, China copies = 0.20 per wear, which is 10 time more expensive).

Package Dimensions‏:‎9 x 6 x 2 inches; 1.4 Ounces

The PONY-O is the only patented, high quality hair tie / ponytail holder on today’s market that bends and doesn’t stretch. Our solid copper core with sleek silicone coating is extremely durable, lasting 200 to 400 uses and more with proper care. Our patented copper core is soft enough to bend and strong enough to hold tight.
Tension free and hair friendly. The soft silicone pillows on the inside interlock and hug your hair to create maximum hold without breaking, pulling or creasing; say goodbye to pulling, ripping and breaking hair. PONY-O loves your hair!
Easy to use. The PONY-O comes with a styling booklet to get you started, but we don’t stop there! You’ll also receive links to endless styling videos and ideas for your specific hair type, whether it’s long, short, fine, thick, curly straight…we’ve got you covered! If you have questions, scroll down to the Customer Question and Answer section, and ask away! We take pride in our top notch customer service, and a real person will answer your questions.
NEW and Exclusive to Amazon! Our Package contains 2-patented Dark Blonde PONY-O hair ties (2.5 inches wide), the perfect ponytail holder for a high, red carpet ponytail and more. You also get a styling booklet and links to endless step by step styling videos that we create specifically for the PONY-O.


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