Bench press form control: xxfitness

I need a form control on my bench press! That’s 90lb and by far my weakest lift. My main concerns are 1) whether the bar hits my chest too low and 2) whether my grip is of the appropriate width. I am open to any suggestions. Thank you 🙂 Source link

Bench form control?

Any constructive criticism is appreciated, thanks! Connection: sent by /u/bakmanoeyes [comments] Source link

Soon You Will Be able to Buy Hearing Aids From Your Bench

By Lucas Berenbrok, University of Pittsburgh and Elaine Mormer, University of Pittsburgh Over the counter hearing aids coming soon hitting the shelves of community pharmacies nationwide. we’re a pharmacist and audiologist People exploring possible ways to distribute and manage OTC hearing aids. in a market dominated by only a handful of manufacturersHearing aids, available without …