[Meet Report] IPF | Western Canadian Powerlifting and Bench Press

Educational background: I’ve been powerlifting for a total of six years, ~4 years, from crossfit to endurance cycling to weightlifting. I’ve coached and programmed myself, for some time empowered by overlaying template programs over additional accessory programs and training, and worked with several coaches. Enough to know a little, enough to know that I don’t …

Bench press form control: xxfitness

I need a form control on my bench press! That’s 90lb and by far my weakest lift. My main concerns are 1) whether the bar hits my chest too low and 2) whether my grip is of the appropriate width. I am open to any suggestions. Thank you 🙂 https://imgur.com/a/z0lAxSb Source link

Bench form control?

Any constructive criticism is appreciated, thanks! Connection: https://streamable.com/fmhf3l sent by /u/bakmanoeyes [comments] Source link