Squat Form Control!

I recently lost about 50 pounds after changing my diet and going to the gym. I’m trying to improve my strength, but I want to make sure I train myself properly. Can someone evaluate my squat form? Thanks! https://gfycat.com/playfulgiantislandcanary [comments] Source link

Squat Form Control?

I’ve posted it before, but I feel like I’m a little more comfortable with my technique and I’m looking for feedback. I’m considering switching to barefoot style shoes as I think they will help with balance and weight distribution (I have bunions and find the converse in the toe area too thin). Anyone have experience …

Squat Form Control: xxfitness

Squat looks great overall, but you need to slow down. IMO it looks like you started rushing in 3,4,5 reps and it got you going deeper in your squats. I know the weights are heavy, but when it gets tough, let yourself cool down a bit between reps. Source link