Traditional Deadlift Form Control

I’ve recently started doing traditional deadlifts consistently. Previously, only sumo deadlift was done. I’m not sure if my back is bent as I’m starting too close or far from the bar. 185 lb x6 sent by /u/skalW [comments] Source link

Deadlift form control :) : xxfitness I want to start deadlifting and right now I can only lift the bar – I have no idea what I look like. Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated! Also, does anyone have any suggestions on what weight exercises to do to build strength to squat the bar? Thanks everyone! Source link

deadlift form check!

hello my good observations. I’m building 135×3, the heaviest thing ever! I hope to make sure there are no major issues coming forward before losing weight! Any feedback is super appreciated 🙂 sent by /u/imintosudoku now [comments] Source link