Fitness Tips and Tricks: xxfitness

Hi guys, I’m building my fitness brand, sharing tips and tricks to help people, and I’d love it if you could check out my new YouTube channel and Instagram account! I would be very happy if you subscribe, follow, leave a like and share with your friends! Any suggestions/constructive criticism are welcome, Thanks! …

Feedback on the mindset of transitioning to a more balanced approach to fitness:

Hello xxfitness! I posted this r/veganfitness and someone advised me to come to this sub for guidance. I’ve always focused on calorie restriction and aimed to be super thin (oh, the joy of being an impressionable pre-teen in the ’90s!). i notice my body doesn’t look or feel particularly strong, especially as you get older. …

Understanding your fitness and nutrition journey

Hello, I’m Ashwin, a graduate student at the California College of the Arts. Everyone has a different definition of fitness and nutrition. My goal is to understand yours so I can help more people like you sent by /u/Anxious-Poet962 [comments] Source link

What muscles does the Life Fitness Linear Leg Press machine work?

Here is a link to it: It allows you to push more diagonally compared to a regular leg press machine, which is more horizontal in comparison. Are there any muscle bias differences? Does it work the hips more? Four more? Etc. sent by /u/12kkarmagotbanned [comments] Source link