Traditional deadlift form control. Back to the gym after almost a year.

Hello to everyone! First time asking for a form control. Sorry for any bad formatting or etiquette. I am still learning. video here. 40/K, 5″4′, 150lbs I haven’t removed much in between the pandemic lockdowns. I always had to “start over” each time and then stopped going to the gym in August/September 2021 (I needed …

Squat form control part 2! : xxfitness Posted a few days ago, got some advice and here’s and updated squats! I brought my feet closer together and tried to focus more on looking down and standing upright and not sticking my ass out too much. How does it look? The back definitely hurts less! Source link

Squat Form Control

Hello there! I have been using GZCLP for over 3 months and would like advice on my squat form. I have some history of low back pain that doctors and various physiotherapists have not been able to resolve, but lifting weights for the past 7 months has actually provided some relief. The exception is I …

RDL form check please

Hello to everyone! I’m struggling with my RDL. I’m fine with my coach but I struggle on my own. That 65 pounds is the weight I lift the most. Thank you!! RDL Video Connection sent by /u/dontblink_one3 [comments] Source link